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COVID-19 has dangers worse than unprotected sex but you don't know who your partner is.

Not all shooters are the same. That part's obvious but also, not all firearms are created alike. Even if they are the same make and manufacture for the same caliber, they are different. They might be close but close only counts with hand grenades and nuclear war.

With that in mind, I've hidden the load detail for my loads unless you're signed in. Logins are restricted to myself and 1-2 others. Don't ask for an account.

I'm updating this website roughly once a week with new features. Most will be hidden for a typical user but more for me in the background. However, this also means that the site will go down from time to time for reboots and things like that.

Farm invites for 2021 are going to be limited. I've got a few people that are 'always welcome' at the farm but others are restricted and controlled by invite. The best way to get put on a blacklist, is to ask for an invite saying you're a great shooter/sniper/police/operator etc etc. Go do that somewhere else.

COVID-19 is a thing, even if it's not a thing then we should learn from the event and keep distances unless we have a specific reason to violate personal space.

- Aug. 9, 2020 - Playing PIG

My daughters second time shooting. She wanted to play PIG.
- Aug. 6, 2020 - Added a new POLL

I've added a new poll. Vote away! here
- Aug. 6, 2020 - Grid Defense

A while I got a grid defense pistol upper. I didn’t do shot testing on it for several months because of personal reasons and I just didn’t have time. Since then I have tried it and I keep getting keyholing!!. I’ve sent to barrel bac ...

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- May 11, 2020 - A sample reloading shopping list.

This list is a decent list of materials. Several of these have options. I'll talk to you about them in person. It's too much to put in here as a news post at this time. ...

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- Aug. 8, 2020 - Clearing of the short range

More info later, for now... here’sa picture.
- July 27, 2020 - Added Images To News

Too many times now have I wanted to add an image to the website that wasn't a groundhog removal image. I've decided to add images to news posts and I'll see how that goes over. To save page loading time, it'll only load a 'font awesome' image of a ca ...

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- July 27, 2020 - Safer or More Dangerous?

I looked at the CDC website today and noticed that some countries are not reporting COVID cases. Do you think that's because they are safer or more dangerous? I'm happy to be at a place that reports its faults. Without faults we are perfect, or lying ...

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