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Vacinations cause autisum as much as baby powder is made from babies.

Not all shooters are the same. That part's obvious but also, not all firearms are created alike. Even if they are the same make and manufacture for the same caliber, they are different. They might be close but close only counts with hand grenades and nuclear war.

With that in mind, I've hidden the load detail for my loads unless you're signed in. Logins are restricted to myself and 1-2 others. Don't ask for an account.

I'm updating this website roughly once a week with new features. Most will be hidden for a typical user but more for me in the background. However, this also means that the site will go down from time to time for reboots and things like that.

Farm invites for 2021 are going to be limited. I've got a few people that are 'always welcome' at the farm but others are restricted and controlled by invite. The best way to get put on a blacklist, is to ask for an invite saying you're a great shooter/sniper/police/operator etc etc. Go do that somewhere else.

COVID-19 is a thing, even if it's not a thing then we should learn from the event and keep distances unless we have a specific reason to violate personal space.

- Sept. 12, 2020 - LIVE ON DOCKER

We are now live on docker w/ an anisible playbook to deploy! The old prod server has rolled to a staging site to test things on.

The compose will fail to start because it needs certs to start up. You can make self signed certs to make ...

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- May 11, 2020 - A sample reloading shopping list.

This list is a decent list of materials. Several of these have options. I'll talk to you about them in person. It's too much to put in here as a news post at this time. ...

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Sept. 20, 2020 - Bootstrap Theme

For a learning exercise, I'm looking around at what's involved in changing the theme/skin of the website while it's in use. Here's what I'm probably going to move the site to Sample Page
Sept. 1, 2020 - Added: Deer Harvest Logbook

I added a couple items to the menu. Its function is similar to the groundhog logbook but there are a couple changes. There is no location associated with the harvests and there is a point system. My wife is amazing and does all of the pro ...

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- Aug. 21, 2020 - #splatFactor votes!

I'm starting to use more 'font awesome' stuff. I've added an icon for items that are over 1,200 foot pounds of energy at the muzzle as that's a requirement in some states. However with that in mind, I've come to realize that not all rounds are going ...

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Aug. 21, 2020 - Website bug/feature list

Most of this is going to just be tracked via github. If you want to help us out there, feel free to add an issue and we'll go from there. GitHub Project

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- Aug. 9, 2020 - Playing PIG

This was my daughter's second time shooting. She went for her 9th birthday and now a late 10th bday visit. We are playing PIG and to make things a more even match she gets to be prone with a 3x scope. I'm sitting, using iron sites and shooti ...

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