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This is my little black book of reloading. Make your own, don't use mine. Some of these are already hot in my firearm and might be a pipe bomb in yours. Use your head, don't loose your hands etc etc.

Owner Caliber Projectile Powder FPS Yld RPS DOPE Details
Flatop 30-06 150gr - Ballistic Tip MEMBERS ONLY 2,804 2,622 3,364   Yes
Ben SpelledABC 30-06 120gr - TAC-TX MEMBERS ONLY 2,970 ~ 2,353 3,564   Yes
Ben SpelledABC 30-06 150gr - FMJ Plinker MEMBERS ONLY 2,852 2,713 3,422   Yes
Ben SpelledABC 30-06 220gr - HPBT MEMBERS ONLY 2,344 2,687 2,812   Yes

= 1,200 Foot Pounds of Energy (at muzzle). This is a deer hunting requirement in some states.
~ = Estimated FPS. We haven't shot this through a chronograph this yet.
= Groundhog #splatFactor